Ryan After Surgery

First, I want to thank all of those who said the kind words they did on Twitter. You know who you are - it's appreciated.

Ryan's surgery went well. They didn't take his adnoids out - they just cauterized them. His tonsils were removed and Liz saw them - they were huge. He's been off-and-on crabby today but tonight he sounded better. He hates his pain medication (it tastes horrible) but it does help out. He still has an IV in his hand and, being the stubborn shit than he can be :), he's not drinking a lot of liquids. But tonight Liz said he's been drinking more and he is doing better. I guess when he woke up right after surgery he was livid, almost unconsolable. Poor guy.

Hayden's doing well today. It bothered him a bit to see his brother the way he was, but he had a good day overall.

Hopefully Liz and Ryan will be back home tomorrow.

And just so you can see what he looked like today, here's a picture:

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