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I don't buy a lot of music anymore. I guess I'm getting pickier in my old age. Anyway, here's a couple of bands that have come out with new material this year that I've listened to.

Fear Factory, "Transgression" This was typical Fear Factory. I think it was better than their last two efforts ("Digimortal" and "Archetype") - I liked "500,000 Degrees Fahrenheit" and "Supernova". But it simply doesn't match their best effort: "Obsolete".

Neal Morse, "?" This is also typical Neal Morse, although it has a more 70's progressive rock feel than his last two efforts. The music is outstanding, but frankly I think Neal needs to get away from the same theme in his lyrics. "Testimony" was his own story, the common "I hated my life so I became a Christian" testimony you hear from a fair amount of evangelical Christians. "One" was the same thing...more or less. "?" doesn't really change the story that much, and it's just not that interesting to listen to. I realize Neal is committed to his faith, and that's fine - he can say whatever he wants. I personally find it tiring.

King's X, "Ogre Tones" Finally! A good CD from King's X! Their last 4 or 5 CD's just didn't do a lot for me. "Black Like Sunday" was more like their old stuff, but that was due to the fact that it was a lot of old material from demo tapes. "Ogre Tones" is solid rock-n-roll with the classic King's X harmonies and interesting chord twists. They take some chances here and there, but in the end this is a nice addition to their collection of songs. The remake of "Goldilox" is awesome - it's tuned down a step or a step and a half, and it's great.

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