Some random thoughts about matches:

  • Why does lighting a match help rid an area of smells that protrude from a person's butt? I'm sure it has to do with the chemical makeup of the farts, but it's still kind of cool.
  • I noticed that the matches we get are called "Strike on Box" matches. I could be wrong, but weren't they called "Strike on Anywhere"? I'm sure they got sued because some assclown decided to light one of those matches on their teeth to get their cigarette lit as they were breathing from their oxygen tank while filling their gas tank. This causes a minor burn on their tounge, so he sued the company for everything they had because of "false advertising". I could be wrong, though

Discuss...if you really care :)

* Posted at 04.02.2006 12:15:14 PM CST | Link *

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