Flagged Links #55

"Facing off against IBM's 'Jeopardy!' computer" - The next step since "Deep Blue"?

"Changing Windows Service Runtime Behavior with Typemock Isolator" - A very cool usage of TypeMock other than in a testing scenario.

"Quarter Shrinker" - Using electricity for monetary changes.

"Zero Punctuation: Prototype" and "Zero Punctuation: The Sims 3" - A double serving of Zero love.

"Halo 3 Fails: Episode 22" and "Halo 3 Fails: Episode 23" - Overfail.

"Building Tuple" - Tuples are nice if the language supports them. This article has some great insight into the design of what seems to be a fairly easy type to implement.

"IKVM.Reflection.Emit Update" - I might be playing with this library soon.

"Concurrency and exceptions" - A good write-up of how to handle exceptions in concurrent situations.

"Musical Archaeology with Mathematica" - Quite the interesting usage of Mathematica: figure out a song from a picture.

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