Should I Worry About These 2 Blocks?

Consider the following code:

int result = NativeMethods.CallPInvoke(...);

if (result == 0)
    throw new CallPInvokeException("Unexpected error occurred in the call.");
    // Do something useful...

My tests are currently at 99.78% code coverage. This code in bold is one of the sections that I'm missing.

Now, my question is...should I really care? The case where result is zero is really bad, and I've never been able to get this call to return zero. Of course, I could set up some IoC and/or mocking thingamadoodle, but frankly, I don't see the worth in doing so. What I really care about is the stuff that happens in the else block.

I'm usually pretty gun-ho on hitting 100% code coverage, but in this case...

So, what would you do? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

* Posted at 05.20.2008 05:56:53 PM CST | Link *

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