Flagged Links #51

"Interpreting the facts the Creationist way…" - When a creationist opens their mouth, you know that they're either lying or pushing product.

"Zero Punctuation: Bionic Commando" - Zero muses on the wonders of the bionic armed wonder.

"Top 10 Halo 3 Exterminations HD" - Major pwnage.

"Halo 3 Fails: Top 10 Of Season 2" - A season of failage.

"Retrying Operations" - I'd really like to see this done by specifying the exception(s) you'd like to catch, rather than defaulting to Exception. This would require dynamically generating the call, but the pattern is consistent and using DynamicMethod to do this wouldn't be too hard.

"NET 4.0 -- System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ConditionalWeakTable" - A quick overview of a specialized dictionary.

"Taming the Pex beast: Well-behaved enums, multi-dimensional arrays and booleans" and "Specifying Inversion of Control through Contracts for Interfaces" - Pex is one of the coolest tools to come out of Microsoft - I love it.

"Better Unit Tests with Test.Assert() for NUnit/VSTT/SUTF" - It's subtle, but I like this approach.

"Parallel Stacks – Tasks view" and "Parallel Stacks – Method view" - More concurrency goodness for VS2010 - these posts are all about the stacks.

"Using Prototypical Objects to Implement Shared Behavior in Object Oriented Systems" and "Pluggable Type Systems" - 2 nice papers on OO and types.

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