Testing Windows Forms

One thing that's always bugged me about my add-in for Reflector is that I have no tests. The issue is that the add-in is tied into Reflector's add-in architecture - it pretty much requires being run under Reflector to function correctly. I know there's NUnitForms, but the problem that I see (at least from its' documentation) is that their Recorder only works with controls in DLLs. I need to script it out when Reflector is running.

I know there are tools like WinRunner, but it's not free. I'm wondering if there's a tool that I can use to script Reflector so I can ensure that my add-in works before I publish an update and is free (like NUnit). Any suggestions?

* Posted at 09.09.2005 08:04:14 AM CST | Link *

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