HDC09 Wrap-Up

For the last three days I've been in Omaha attending and presenting at HDC09. It's a great event and this year followed in that tradition. Joe Olsen tried the "lighting round" idea with four 30 minute talks in a row in the afternoon - it's an idea that I may try (in a slighty different way) at a future Twin Cities Code Camp. I gave two talks, "Assembly Coercion" and "Evolving .NET" (you can get the material here and here, respectively). You can read the reviews here. Overall the response seems more positive than negative although I think I really pissed someone off because I showed the "crocoduck" picture in the "Evolving .NET" talk and made a little jab at Kirk Cameron as well. Oh well ... you'd think if someone was a hard-core creationist going to a talk about evolutionary programming they shouldn't expect that the material and the presenter would be championing creationism. Can't please everyone :).

On the way home, Donn Felker decided to implement the real-time evaluation system for TCCC7 (Chris Williams, Donn and I drove down there together). I really liked the idea to provide feedback as soon as the presentation is done. Chris and I also discussed some ideas to bring in more "financial assistance" for future TCCC events. It'll be a slight change from the traditional format of a Code Camp, but frankly I think this kind of change is needed, especially given the state of the economy. More information will be given at TCCC7.

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