Yikes - What a Complement

As I've stated before, book writing has been off my radar for a while (although I finally reserved a URL for the next project in my life - hehe :) ). Anyway, Pete asked me if I'd like to be the reviewer for his next book, and I accepted. I've always liked Apress's model for reviewers: only have one or two who will really focus their time on the process. I've reviewed other books in the past, but I think this will have a much deeper aspect to it. However, I wasn't expecting the nice comments that Pete gave me. "A brain the size of a planet"? Aw, shucks, dude! There's so much I think I don't know about development, so I get a bit embarrased when I get a compliment like that.

* Posted at 07.21.2004 12:31:44 PM CST | Link *

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