RallySport2: Interesting, but Way Too Many DDEs

I just got my copy of RS2, and I tried to play it tonight. Visually, it's awesome. I liked the driving experience, and online racing is fun. However, I'm having big problems with the game giving me dirty-disc errors (DDE). I've hit the XBox forums, and it looks like I'm not the only one either. I have one of the first XBox versions, and it seems like the Thomson drive may be the culprit, although I've never had as many DDEs as I've had with RS2 (and this is the first night playing the game!). I am really loathe to buy a new XBox and a memory card just to play one freaking game, especially since XBox2 will probably be out in a year or two.

I'm going to keep trying to play this game, but I hope the makers of RS2 comes up with a fix real-soon now. This is extremely disappointing. Just saying that "my disk is dirty" is a B.S. response to software that isn't working right. If it's a hardware problem, I haven't seen it with the frequency that I am with RS2. I just can't justify shelling out $150 to play one game, and there's no guarantee that will fix things. If buying a new XBox is the solution, sorry, but I'll go back to PGR2 and kiss RS2 goodbye.

* Posted at 05.11.2004 01:05:29 AM CST | Link *

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