Why I Wear a Seatbelt

Because this happened to me about 15 years ago:

And it happened to me here:

Basically I was traveling east, and I took that curve way too fast. Ended up in the ravine on the north side of the road and hit a tree head-on. At the time, I was wearing my seat belt about half the time I was drivng. That day I wore it. If I wasn't wearing it, I'm guessing the results would have been really bad, if not fatal. As it turned out, the worst injury I got was a small "burn" mark on my neck from the seat belt. The guy riding shotgun was also wearing his belt and had no injuries. The guy in the back wasn't wearing one and hit his chin on the headrest - he required a couple of stiches. All in all, the carnage was very minimal.

I've had that picture for a while, but it got lost. However, my wife was doing some cleaning and stumbled across it. I've always wanted to post it as a simple reminder to others that, yes, seatbelts do save lives. I'm still utterly amazed when people drive without a seatbelt. It's a very simple thing to do, and you never know when it's going to save you from going head-first into the windshield.

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