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Ah ... Sardonyx. I was a member of this band (from Sheboygan, Wisconsin) for a couple of years when I was in high school. We ended up making a 5 song demo called, "Sleepless Knights" (get it? It's not "Nights"; it's "Knights", because we're supposed to be "knights" that never sleep against the forces of evil ... or something like that). I believe this was made sometime in 1988, although, honestly, I can't remember the exact dates we went in to record it. I actually left the band before the demo was done - that's why my picture is not in the demo card (although they game me credit for my guitar parts). This was my first experience in a studio, and it went by so fast because we didn't want to spend tons of money on the tape. At the time, we thought everything sounded so awesome; now it sounds like shit. But we had a great time making it, and I enjoyed being in that band. It was quite the experience. By the way, I love the artwork - check out that demon!

Song Notes

The Descent/The Skull This is actually two songs, but it was easier to just make it one MP3 because the cutoff between the two is just too fast. "The Descent" was just an idea going into the studio - we wanted an intro to our shows that was dark and creepy, so I made up this keyboard part and we played a bunch of records that had stock sounds, like sirens and traffic. My girlfriend in high school did the hooker laugh. It doesn't sound bad, but I have to laugh when I hear Mike scream, "I told you never to talk about church!" The marching sound was three of us going into a hallway that had concrete floors and stomping on the floor with our cheesy rocker boots. Greg sampled it and we played it through the keyboard. The song, "The Skull" is fast, fast, fast! It actually sounds pretty crappy now that I listen to it. I tried to do a real low voice during the chorus with Bryon, but it didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I wanted evil; it sounds monotone.

End The Pain Today Sardonyx was a speed metal band, and then I wrote this song. Way too melodic rock for Sardonyx! I'm surpised we picked this song for the tape. The bass sounds so ...bland when it's by itself. Not that the guitars sound any better - man, do they suck!

R&R D F&F That's "Rock and Roll Dream Fortune and Fame", if you're curious. Tim had a real odd yet cool writing style, and we always enjoyed playing this song. I like some of the harmonies Bryon came up with. Tim's solo is nuts. The recording doesn't do it justice.

Righteous Wrath It's kind of a plodding song. And there's a section in the middle that's such a ripoff of Slayer's "Angel of Death" it's not even funny.

BONUS TRACK! Wooden Stakes This wasn't on "Sleepless Knights"; it was a demo we made before the "real" demo tape with some guys that had a 4-track. Talk about track-bouncing hell; I can't even remember how many tracks we bounced on this one. The dual guitar solo was one of the highlights of this demo. The quality of the MP3 is really bad as the tape I found it on was in bad shape, but I wanted to preserve my first ever recording experience.


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